Student Profile

Mit Bhatt, Entering Class of 2013
Becton Dickinson

Professional Leadership Experience

  • Currently: Sr. Engineer – Software at Becton Dickinson
  • Led software development in Oil & Gas as well as Medical Device Industry that has created competitive market edge.

Student Leadership and Experience

  • UC Davis MBA Bay Area Ambassador
  • Member of IEEE 

Previous Degree

  • B.E.E. & M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, University of Houston

What do you value most about your experience in the UC Davis MBA program?

“Biggest thing I value about UC Davis MBA program is the quality of student body. Learning becomes more interesting and effective when you are surrounded by experienced, talented and motivated individuals. But the biggest strength of UC Davis MBA student body is everyone’s willing to share ideas, help each other and connect on personal and professional levels.”

Fast Facts

  • Play percussion musical instrument (tabla)
  • Hiked Mt. Whitney in one day
  • Captain of USTA tennis team