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Teaching Assistantships
Open Positions for 2015-2016 Academic Year

The Graduate School of Management has several Teaching Assistant positions open for 2015-2016.

MGT 292, MGT/P/B 258 Reader 25% Spring 2016

25% = 10 hours per week

50% = 20 hours per week


Teaching assistants are responsible for conducting discussion sections, holding office hours, and grading homework. It is TA’s responsibility to participate in regular class as well as his/her discussion section. This rule guarantees that there would be no problem in sharing in proctoring and grading exams, sharing responsibility equally among fellow TAs. You will be asked to administer midterms and finals for lecture and be asked to hold extra office hours during midterms/finals.  MGT 11B  and MGT 120 TA’s will be asked to lead 3 discussion sections, all other positions will be asked to lead 2 discussion sections.

The title Reader is given to a graduate or undergraduate student appointed for the ability to render diverse services as a “course assistant,” which will normally include the grading of student papers and examinations. A Reader will not be assigned the responsibilities of leading discussion or laboratory sections.

The Tutor works with individual students or small groups of students to assist them in their learning. Material covered may be topical in nature or related to a specific course. Tutors may keep regularly scheduled drop-in hours for student consultation and tutoring. Tutors do not grade tests, papers or other student assignments and do not work under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

Tutors are paid on an hourly basis for hours worked and recorded on their time sheet.

Salary and Benefits

  • A 50% teaching assistant appointment receives $2059.78 monthly stipend and fee remission
  • A 25% teaching assistant appointment receives $1029.89  monthly stipend and fee remission
  • A 25% Reader appointment receives $14.16 per hour and fee remission
  • A 25% Remedial Tutor II receives $876.00 monthly stipend and fee remission

Teaching assistants appointment of 25% or higher receive a fee remission*, expect for courses taken in Summer Sessions**. Teaching Assistants appointed to Summer Sessions are appointed by the Office of Summer Sessions.  There are no fee remissions offered for any student academic appointment during the Summer. 

* Fee remission includes Education and Registration fees as well as Health Insurance. Please note: self-supporting degree programs (i.e. Working Professional, MPAc) do not receive a fee remission. If you are an MPAc student, or enrolled in one of our working professional MBA programs, and you are hired as a TA, Reader, etc., you will only receive a salary, your program tuition will not be reduced. 

Additional information:
Students enrolled in self-supporting programs may be appointed in a graduate teaching or research title that is funded by extramural or self-supporting degree program funds. Appointment of students enrolled in a self-supporting graduate degree program (i.e. Working Professional or MPAc) to a teaching title in a state-supported program must be approved by Graduate Studies using a Petition for Exception to Policy (PEP).  Please contact Gabriel Coleman to send a request on your behalf.  Because students in self-supporting degree programs do not pay required University fees and tuition, they are not eligible for fee and tuition remission.  Again, these appointees will receive a salary only.  Tuition will not be reduced. 

How to Apply

Please submit an application to  Please submit a separate application for each position you intend to apply for.  Detailed job descriptions can also be found at

Note: Please do not apply if you are not able to teach the discussion sections listed in the schedule.

Teaching Assistant Application (word document)

Teaching Assistantships

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