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Undergraduate Technology Management Minor
Program Information and Student Resources

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Technology Management Minor gives undergraduates the opportunity to complement their studies with courses in business and management.

Students learn skills to enhance their education to be better prepared for leadership and management opportunities in today’s competitive business world.

  • Effective spring 2016, the minor is open to all majors at UC Davis, and the courses are open to all students.
  • The Graduate School of Management will offer all six Technology Management Minor courses in Summer Session 2017.

Complete Your Minor in Technology Management this Summer

All GSM courses needed to complete the minor are available in Summer Session 2017.

Technology Management Minor Program Details

Program Contact

Inger Maher
(530) 754-7529


Students are required to complete five of the six courses listed to be certified for the minor.

MGT 120: Managing and Using Information Technology
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Develop an analytical framework to manage and monitor business systems concerned with operational, human, and organizational interactions. Introduction to computer hardware, systems software and information systems. Management of information technology and the impact of information systems on modern management.
Prerequisite(s): None
Offered: Spring Quarter and Summer Session

MGT 140: Marketing for the Technology-based Enterprise
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Quantitative analysis of needs in a product (technology-based) economy, with emphasis on how scientists, engineers and business people interact to develop and market products and services.
Prerequisite(s): None
Winter Quarter and Summer Session

MGT 150: Technology Management
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Management of firms in high technology industries such as software development and biotechnology research. Motivating and managing workers, organizing for innovation and making decisions.
Prerequisite(s): None
Fall Quarter and Summer Session

MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Concepts/methods used to structure and finance new business ventures. Topics include evaluating the net social (financial) benefit of new investment projects; raising venture capital; the role of the venture capitalist; and the choice of organizational structure in new ventures.
Prerequisite(s): Management 11A; Mathematics 16B, 17B, or 21B; Statistics 13 or higher.
Fall Quarter and Summer Session

MGT 170: Managing Costs and Quality
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Designing cost systems in high technology organizations and managing operations to maximize quality and minimize costs. Topics include activity based costing and management, managing quality and time to create value, ethical issues in cost assignment, and differential costing for decision.
Prerequisite(s): Management 11A
Spring Quarter and Summer Session

MGT 180: Supply Chain Planning and Management
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Course develops key concepts and relationships between supply chain design and business models and strategies. Much of the focus is on quantitative techniques for analysis and management of the production and delivery of goods and services by an organization.
Prerequisite(s): None
Winter Quarter or Summer Session

Minor Certification

Complete five of these courses

  • MGT 120: Managing and Using Information Technology:  4 units
  • MGT 140: Marketing for the Technology-based Enterprise:  4 units
  • MGT 150: Technology Management:  4 units
  • MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures:  4 units
    Prerequisite(s): Management 11A; Mathematics 16B, 17B, or 21B; Statistics 13 or higher.
  • MGT 170: Managing Costs and Quality:  4 units
    Prerequisite(s): Management 11A
  • MGT 180: Supply Chain Planning and Management:  4 units

To complete the minor, students must complete a minimum of 20 units of coursework in the minor with a GPA of 2.0 or better. Students may petition to have the minor noted on their transcript by following the process designated by their college, which allows the Graduate School of Management to approve the minor electronically. Contact your college’s academic advisor for more information.

Students must take these courses for a letter grade. Most prerequisites could be used to partially satisfy the University’s General Education requirements for science and engineering majors. No grade lower than a C- will be accepted in any prerequisite course.

Tech Minor

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