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Undergraduate Technology Management Minor
Current Student Resources and Program Information

Image of Undergraduate Technology Management Minor

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Technology Management Minor gives undergraduates majoring in engineering and the biological and physical sciences the opportunity to complement their studies with courses in business and management.

Students in the minor learn skills to enhance their engineering and science education to be better prepared for leadership and management opportunities in today’s competitive technology arena.

Tech Minor


Technology Management Minor Program Curriculum

Prerequisites for all technology management minor courses:

Completion of all designated prerequisite courses in accounting, mathematics and statistics. Students are required to complete five of the six courses listed to be certified for the minor. Note:  Only students admitted to the minor will be allowed to enroll in these courses.


Completion of Minor

To complete the minor, students must complete a minimum of 20 units of coursework in the minor with a GPA of 2.0 or better.

All Technology Management Minor coursework must be taken within two years of being admitted to the program. Students may petition to have the minor noted on their transcript by completing the major form provided by their college. The same form will allow students to include coursework for the minor.Take the petition to Gallagher Hall Room 1101 for the appropriate signature.


Admissions Process

Due to limited enrollment, students are required to apply to the program.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter 2016 – November 4, 2015
  • Spring 2016 – February 3, 2016
  • Fall 2015 – May 7, 2015

Primary Admissions Process

Primary admission process will be conducted in the spring quarter prior to student registration for the fall quarter. Subsequent admissions processes will occur as needed for winter and spring quarters.

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