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An Amazing Experience

Our programs provide researchers a starting point for moving their ideas out of the lab and into the world. Here’s what they have to say:

Robert Coates, UC Davis | Ag Innovation Entrepreneurship Academy

The academy training and mentoring really helped me rethink our go-to-market plan and gave me the confidence to put that plan into action.”

Matthew O’Kelly, Ohio State University | UC Entrepreneurship Academy

The UCEA program helped our company re-evaluate our value proposition and refine our pitch to reach a wider audience. It was a great way to network and gain contacts in California for our Midwest-based research project.”

Joseph Evans, UC Davis | UC Entrepreneurship Academy

As an entrepreneur who had already had my idea tested in the marketplace, I found this academy extremely valuable: it helped me learn what I didn’t know about my own business product. In other words, I learned what the world probably needs to know about my idea, not what I thought they needed to know.”

Evan Parker, UC Davis | UC Entrepreneurship Academy

The UC Entrepreneurship Academy was ridiculously helpful!”

Jennifer Lee, UC Davis | Biomedical Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy

I was apprehensive at first to attend this academy because I felt I fundamentally lacked the knowledge and business know-how to perform well; however, in just a few days, BMEA gave me everything I needed to understand the entrepreneurial process—and, most importantly, provided the tools to confidently and successfully put together a company pitch.”

Vrad Levering, Duke University | Biomedical Engineering Entrepreneurship Academy

Now I understand how to assess my research relevance, and that makes me much more compelling as a future employee or entrepreneur.”

Cawas Engineer, UC San Diego | Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy

The GTEA has been the single most eye-opening experience in my professional development journey thus far. This is ‘must do’ for anyone thinking about being an entrepreneur.”

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