Professor Andrew Hargadon
Establishing a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

Professor Andrew Hargadon has written extensively on knowledge and technology brokering and the role of learning and knowledge management in innovation.He has published numerous articles and chapters in leading scholarly and applied publications.

Hargadon is at the forefront of teaching, research and practice in cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship, and is founding director of two key centers at UC Davis—the Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Energy Efficiency Center. These centers are dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through educational programs bridging science, engineering and business. They provide a successful framework for university scientists and engineers to move their ideas out of the lab and into the world. Hargadon received the 2009 Olympus Emerging Educational Leader Award in recognition for his strong entrepreneurship curriculum and success with the two centers.

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Research and News Highlights

Sustainable Innovation

The Innovator

Whether because of growing risks and promising opportunities, companies increasingly require growth strategies based on sustainable innovations. It used to be that only the largest companies in the oldest industries faced these challenges, but not any more. Companies in almost every industry are facing dramatic changes—from new technologies but also from shifting public opinion, policies, and even capital markets—and few are prepared to respond effectively….

What to Invest Like Buffett and Soros? Try this


The easiest way to “invest like a billionaire” would be to start with a billion dollars.

Since you don’t have that, your latest way to invest like the super-rich involves a new exchange-traded fund with an appealing methodology.

The question is whether it’s a gimmick or if it actually works.

The ‘Recombinant’ Nature of Digital Innovations

The Wall Street Journal

In the Wall Street Journal, UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon dispels the myth of the lone inventor: “Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and now their modern counterparts were able to create one breakthrough after another because they built innovation strategies around recombining existing technologies rather than inventing new one.” In this innovation-as-building-block view of the world, building blocks don’t ever get used up.