VIP Page Links
All links for Part-Time, Full-Time, and MPAc pages

The following links are for internal reference to the website links that are provided for enrolled and admitted MBA students on the VIP pages. If there are changes or clarifications needed please contact Jim Stevens or Marta Barajas.

The VIP sign-in page can be located here

UCD Computing Account/Email Account (all programs)
Financial Aid (all programs)
Fall Course Fees (all programs)
Student Visa Information Page (I-20 form on VIP page, FT & MPAc International pages)
CareerLeader Assessment (FT and MPAc)
Interview Stream Practice Interview (FT and MPAc)
Resume Assignment Instructions (FT and MPAc)
Career Launch Session (FT and MPAc)
Moving to Davis FAQ’s (FT and MPAc)
Quant Fun On-line Course  (FT, SA, and BA)
Quant Fun In-Person Sessions – same link as On-Line option but with individual dates/location info on VIP page (FT, SA, and BA)
Math Camp (BA and SA only)
Bay Area Orientation (BA)
Full-Time Orientation (FT)
Statement of Legal Residence (FT)
LinkedIn Profile Instructions (FT)
Course Registration (FT)
SHIP Waiver (FT)
Sacramento Orientation (SA)
MPAc Orientation (MPAc)
MPAc Webinars & Assignments Page (MPAc)
LinkedIn Profile Instructions (MPAc)