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About Us
We move great ideas forward.

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a Center of Excellence at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. We bring together researchers in science, engineering, social sciences and humanities with faculty, MBA students, UC Davis undergraduates, experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders to support technology transfer and commercialization activities.

Our programs help researchers and students build the networks, knowledge and tools to communicate the value of their work, explore commercialization strategies, connect with industry partners, and design research programs that address and align with practical applications.

When we started the institute over a decade ago, we started with a simple concept — that the network drives innovation — and a belief that our location at UC Davis would help us bring people together in uncommon ways to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. This simple concept and belief continues to drive our work today.

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Our Philosophy

We believe the world needs more enterprising humans—people with the initiative to market ideas that could fundamentally change lives and industries.

This is why we’ve made innovation and entrepreneurship our mission: we believe in equipping smart people with tools and best practices to commercialize their ideas and get them out in the world.

We believe in the unique bounty of our location in California’s Sacramento Valley. Entrepreneurs draw on our region’s heritage of prolificness and its proximity to government in a time when pioneering partnership is critical for innovation to thrive.

We believe in markets, and their ability to connect great ideas and the people who need them. We believe in scientists and researchers and engineers, and their ability to conceive fundamentally valuable ideas. Most of all, we believe in networks—diverse networks, with public- and private-sector stakeholders—and their ability to supercharge the sustainable value of promising ideas.

We believe the road innovators must travel to reach their markets and build their networks as entrepreneurs starts not with a seed round, or a term sheet, but with education about how to take the journey. Not everyone with an idea is suited to be an entrepreneur—but we believe those who are can benefit enormously from learning how to establish their networks, to give their ideas a fighting chance.

Ultimately, we believe entrepreneurship fuels human progress.

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