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About Us
Grow your entrepreneurial mindset.

Our Mission

The Mike and Renee Child Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is committed to: 

  • Helping UC Davis researchers find a path to commercialization for their work in agriculture, veterinary medicine, human medicine, biology, engineering and other fields of excellence.
  • Helping UC Davis students develop an entrepreneurial mindset that prepares them to solve the challenging social and economic problems we face in food, global health, climate change, energy, and more.

Our commitment

To achieve our mission, we:

Deliver programs, expertise, convenings and network connections that directly support our mission and provide access to all UC Davis students, staff, and faculty members who have interest and motivation.

Work with our partners in their areas of excellence to bring national leaders on to campus to expand our knowledge and network and continue to build the global reputation of UC Davis.

Professor Tony Simon, Cognivive

Our Manifesto: Entrepreneurship

We believe entrepreneurship is:

  • putting knowledge into practice.
  • making a positive and lasting change.
  • looking past the status quo.
  • solving important problems.
  • learning the power of the network.
  • a mindset and skillset to be learned.

We believe entrepreneurship is not:

  • only about starting a company.
  • just about making money.
  • a calling for a select few.

Our Manifesto: Responsibility

  • We believe that UC Davis students, faculty and staff have the responsibility to change the world.
  • We believe that the institute has the responsibility to help educate, train, and connect them to do it.
  • We believe we exist to assist all our community, especially women, people of color, first-generation students and other underrepresented communities.

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