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Network with successful alumni, such as:

  • Patricia Bacsvany ‘98, Systems Analyst – Barclay’s Global Investors
  • Anders Bjork ‘02, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst – Sutter Health
  • Jeff Rosenlund ‘08, Manager of Global Supply Chain Management – Cisco Systems

Learn More about the UC Davis Business Analytics & Technologies Concentration 

Today’s businesses operate on a glut of data. In the last 15 years, due to modern information technologies – the Internet, ubiquitous networking, digitized data collection technologies, web logs, wireless sensors, miniaturized devices – organizations collect, store and transport massive amounts of data about customers, inventories, business operations, product performance, prices, sales, advertising campaigns, employees, supply chain, and so on. How can organizations create business value from this glut of data? It requires managerial talent that combines business savvy, needed to identify business value opportunities or recognize problems, with a solid understanding of analytical methods needed to link the technical talent and functional managers who can implement business change.

The Business Analytics and Technologies concentration aims to develop this managerial talent through a series of courses that cover methods for critical and analytical thinking, information technologies and tools for implementing these methods, and business applications that heavily employ these methods and technologies. Departing from the old approach of being the “quant skills” component of MBA education, this area is designed around a critical balance between general analytical thinking, technology, and applications. The design of the concentration is guided by a Business Advisory Board, comprising leading industry executives who are substantially invested in business applications of analytical methods and technologies. The Board will also facilitate the educational component (e.g., by providing practical problems for class projects) and knowledge transfer through student internships and career placement.

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