Rethink your Wine Packaging Strategy: Learn How to Decide, Design, and Impress!

You know that wine packaging is a strategic decision.  The people who buy your wine are investing in a promise created by the packaging, closure, label and distribution channel you chose.  But recently, there is a lot of talk in the industry about bags and boxes and kegs, sustainability and carbon footprint, closures…and you may start to wonder what the consumer research really means and what industry insiders really think. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to rethinking your packaging strategy, we’ve created the perfect opportunity for you to spend a day away from the office discussing these issues.

We’ll help you decide, design, and impress your customers with incredible packaging during our inaugural Wine Packaging Strategy Program, June 3 – 4. Gain the latest insights and tools on package design, consumer trends, and future state from academic experts and industry insiders when you attend.

Need more convincing?  Look a bit deeper into what the program has to offer:

  1. Living Case Studies: The best way to learn is from world-class experts who’ve done it before, and succeeded (or didn’t quite succeed, but can tell you what went wrong!). You’ll hear the REAL story of package redesign from Corey Beck (GM/Director of Winemaking for Coppola), Alison Crowe (Director of Winemaking for Plata Wine Partners) and Teresa Mengali (Production Manager for Truett-Hurst, Inc.). Talk with them about the journey they undertook to decide upon and deliver new and innovative packaging concepts, and how their customers reacted.
  2. Design Innovation Strategy with IDEO: It’s no secret that IDEO is a giant in the world of design and innovation. Our keynote speakers include IDEO leaders who specialize in the food and beverage sector. Clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for access to their cutting edge design process. At the Wine Packaging Strategy program, you’ll have an unprecedented opportunity to work with them directly during a fast-paced design thinking workshop and gain tools and skills you can bring back to the office and implement immediately.    
  3. Cutting Edge Data: Numbers don’t lie, and you need them to inform the decisions you make. Or do you?  Hear from Christian Miller from Full Glass Research about when and why research matters, even though it is often an overlooked step in the redesign process.  You’ll also learn the results of a recent UC Davis study being undertaken to catalog how consumer taste buds react to wine that’s been bottled and closed with cork, screw cap, and synthetic closures. Does it really impact the overall flavor of the wine?  You’ll also get a full breakdown of consumer behavior trends from the Beverage Alcohol team at Nielsen, followed by a discussion between Jeff Slater from Nomacorc and retail, restaurant, and consumer research experts explaining what REALLY happens when consumers make a wine purchase decision.       
  4. Glass and Sustainability: Everyone’s got questions when it comes to what kind of glass to use (or if they should use it at all). What’s the perfect formula when it comes to weight? How will consumers react to your choices?  Equally important is how it will affect your carbon footprint and freight costs. Gain a better understanding of what’s available and what questions you need to ask when exploring packaging options for your product by talking with glass design expert, Dale DeVore and sustainability expert, Andrew Sauber.
  5. Wine Executive Networking: Rub elbows with the most sought after experts in the wine packaging space, while comparing notes with your peers who wrestle with the same challenges you face. The program day will end with a discussion between Bill Leigon, CEO of Jamieson Ranch Winery; Jordan Kivelstadt, Founder and CEO of Free Flow Wines; and Tim Keller, Founder and CEO of VinPerfect about what the future holds. We’ve also built plenty of networking and discussion time into the program agenda in order to provide you with the perfect opportunity to truly increase your industry network.

Never before have all of these experts been brought together for an event like this!  Don’t miss your opportunity to expand your industry network and learn something in the process. Register Today for Wine Packaging Strategy: Decide, Design, Impress.  There are only a few seats remaining!

For more information, you’re encouraged visit our website or contact Angela Stopper, by email or by calling (530) 752-7240.