Alums Say MBA Builds Value Beyond Money

Alums Say MBA Builds Value Beyond Money

I’ve worked with MBA candidates at all stages of the process. Some knew early on why they wanted this degree and what it could lead to. Others had more of a learning process ahead of them. Some heard from colleagues this was a great idea for their career, but didn’t know why. 

So I dug into my resources as a deputy director of admissions and put together a few key points to help you find out whether the MBA is right for you and what to expect. Some are based on highlights from the 2017 Alumni Perspectives Survey by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, which gives fresh insights into life after b-school today.

New Career Paths for Alums

More than half are now in an industry or job they had no prior experience in, the survey found.

At UC Davis, many of our students have similarly felt boxed in before coming here, despite their prior success. Students from technical backgrounds have especially appreciated how their degree has transitioned them to the business side of a company. It also adds credibility to know the language and priorities behind the business culture when speaking with different groups. 

Higher Job Satisfaction

Of the alumni surveyed, 88 percent were satisfied with their jobs, citing their education as the top contributor toward this.

With our alumni, I’ve seen how gaining a combination of hard, teachable skills and soft people skills has made them more effective leaders overall and enabled them to create new opportunities where none had existed before. This understanding has also equipped students with the ability to successfully navigate the often complex dynamics behind people and businesses. 

Rewarding Personally, Professionally and Financially

Overall, 93 percent of the alumni surveyed said their degree was rewarding personally, while 91 percent said it was rewarding professionally, and 76 percent said it was rewarding financially, regardless of the track. Finding the right program will help you become a bigger version of yourself, and have a greater impact among your employers and your community.

Expanded Business Knowledge

In addition to increased earning potential, an MBA degree gives you the necessary skills to navigate the business world. Earning an MBA means that you will have a thorough understanding of advanced business concepts and practices.

Skills for Teamwork

Alumni rank interpersonal skills as the most important quality for a workplace. Group projects help build these skills and are a common experience in the MBA program.

Kimberly Elsbach, a professor in organization behavior, takes this to the next level. In her Individual and Group Dynamics course, she hand picks the teams for her students. Before school starts, she lays out across the floor index cards filled with information about each student, including their industry and interests. From that, she assembles the most diverse groups available for that activity.

B-school is the perfect environment for picking up the nuances of teamwork, communication, embracing diversity.

Problem Solving Experience

You’ll learn how to identify and solve problems by seeing the bigger picture, asking the right questions, doing the essential research and coming up real-world solutions that actually work.

Sharpened Critical Thinking Skills

A good MBA program will also teach you how to approach ideas with a skeptical eye, separate good information from bad and understand how a given action can affect different areas of business.

Reach out to us to continue the conversation about the MBA and what it can do for you. And meet our admissions team at our upcoming events, held around the world.


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