Software service company Clever hosts business students

Atlassian Data Engineer Speaks at UC Davis BAx Meetup Hosted at Clever

UC Davis alumnus Darin LaFramboise, a senior data engineer at Atlassian Corporation, shared his experience in marketing analytics and business strategy at the latest UC Davis BAx Meetup hosted at downtown San Francisco at the offices of Clever, a software service company for schools.

“There are a lot of opportunities for data analysts and you can’t be afraid—you just have to take advantage of them.”

Atlassian is a $10 billion software company that helps power innovation at more than 100,000 firms worldwide with products for software developers, project managers and content management. It’s best known for its issue tracking application Jira and its team collaboration and wiki product Confluence.

At the November 7 event, LaFramboise described his work at ProFlowers, Facebook and Atlassian, offering our cohort of UC Davis MSBA students and other data industry attendees with new perspectives on marketing and how creative and insightful data analysis can lead to meaningful and successful changes to business strategy. 

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“At events like this, sharing experiences that encourage motivation to pursue opportunities is more important than a technical workshop,” said MSBA student Prakhar Gupta. “Darin delivered on that and the experiences he shared were very informative.”

As a data analyst for ProFlowers, LaFramboise said he used analytics to influence the marketing and supply chain field and build more accurate demand forecasts leading up to holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. LaFramboise’s analytical insights led to new lines of business for the company and demonstrably changed the way that ProFlowers and their competitors—especially those operating online—conducted their business.

LaFramboise also weighed in on what he believes makes a successful business analyst.

“I liked the storyline that he followed,” said MSBA student Nicholas Tang. “It was helpful to learn that mastering SQL is a must, based on Darin’s experiences and the trends he’s seen in his career.”

“The message that stood out was that there are a lot of opportunities for data analysts and you can’t be afraid—you just have to take advantage of them,” MSBA student Rae Huang said. “It embodies the program that we’ve signed up for.”

Big data is key to better business analytics


The BAx Meetup is one of a series of UC Davis MSBA student-led networking series, which supplements and complements the UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics core curriculum. We will continue to hold the Meetups to help expand on our classroom learning and to hear first-hand how business and data analytics are implemented in top companies.

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s MSBA program is located in the heart of San Francisco, a perfect environment for fostering innovation in data analytics and exploring the relationship between data and business. Centrally located in the big data capital of the world, the UC Davis MSBA program provides innumerable opportunities to connect with trailblazing business analytics professionals and thought leaders.

We thank the folks at Clever for hosting our event at their amazing offices.



Location:UC Hastings College of the Law

Pete Mohanty

Mohanty is analyzing the 2016 U.S. presidential election using his R package, which augments Kernel Regularized Least Squares (KRLS). Mohanty shows how KRLS can easily generate highly nuanced analytics that challenge simplistic narratives about the election. Mohanty was recently appointed a fellow of science, engineering and education in the Department of Statistics at Stanford University.



Location: NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View

Vivek Wadhwa

Wadhwa will likely talk about disruptive technology and entrepreneurship. He is an American technology entrepreneur, academic and currently a distinguished fellow at Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering. 

Wadhwa has held appointments at Duke University, Stanford Law School, Harvard Law School and Emory University and is a faculty member at Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think-tank. He is also a distinguished LinkedIn influencer, columnist for the Washington Post and co-founder of Startup Chile, which is the leading accelerator in Latin America.