The Best Way to Relax—with Family!

The last 2 quarters of the MBA program has been such a rush that there was no time for reflecting upon other important aspects of my life. There was a lot going on in my personal sphere but nothing was as challenging as the past year has been with my 1 year-old son. He was born exactly a year ago on March 18, which was around the time when I was making a decision on joining an MBA program.

I took a leadership survey recently and managerial courage was one of my areas of development, but when I come to think of it, I have taken many bold moves in my career but nothing compares to the decision to come to Davis with my 6 month-old son. The last 6 months were a roller coaster ride. Right from choosing the perfect accommodation to choosing the right health insurance it was no less tough than Stats II course.

Although it was very difficult managing school and spending time with family, it has been the most fulfilling phase of my career.

With so much going on in the week, spending time with family was the perfect stress buster for me. Can’t wait to take on more challenges in this new duel role. Sharing with you all some of the most memorable moments.


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