Big Bang!

A hugely popular event at the UC Davis GSM is the Big Bang competition. I can’t state it any more simply than what it says on the website:

Big Bang! is the annual UC Davis Business Plan Competition organized by MBA students of the Graduate School of Management. The goal of the contest is to promote entrepreneurship at UC Davis and the region supported by the University.

Teams of entrepreneurs (at least one with a UC Davis connection — be it a student, professor, alum, etc.) develop a business plan for potential investors about a new idea or product.

Teams generally start up in the fall quarter. Often, students or entrepreneurs from other parts of campus have ideas or products that could be turned into a real-life proposal. The Big Bang competition brings these entrepreneurs together with Davis business students for their business savvy (and amazing intellect, naturally).

The final judged presentation of these projects happened last week. Wish you were there? You’re in luck — check out the video of the event.

The winning group’s won $15,000 for their idea of using ultraviolet light to clean wastewater. A few pics of the winning team:

Big Bang!

Big Bang!

Lots of press about it — check out the press release here. A very exciting and innovative event!