Here at the GSM, we study hard. We take four (or five!) classes, manage clubs, balance our career search, and some of us have part time jobs or internships. But we make sure to play a little too. One of our favorite ways to take a break from finance, stats and marketing? Intramural sports sports of course.

We take having fun very seriously- just ask Trevor, one of our basketball stars (and official game-day reporter). Trevor, a GSM first year, has taken it upon himself to keep everyone updated on the status of our teams. This quarter, the GSM is taking on the competition in basketball and indoor soccer. Here’s what Trevor had to say about the challenge:

Co-ed Basketball:

It had been a slow news week for Boom GSM’s co-rec basketball team. That is, until Tarren decided to officially change her name to Metta World Peace. When asked about it she said, “I always admired Ron Artest’s game, especially his tenacious d and ability to instill fear in his opponents. So when he changed his name to Metta World Peace I thought, what better way to pattern myself after him than to change my name as well.” When asked about her teammates name change, Lauren replied, “as long as she brings it, I don’t care what her name is”. Lauren added, “The whole team is only focused on winning. We have a good chance at making playoffs and simply need to take it one game at a time.” They will have their first opportunity to do that tomorrow at 6 pm on Court 4 at the ARC.

Co-ed Indoor Soccer:

Boom GSM was all smiles during the press conference after their final practice before the season began. When asked about it, team captain Cammi replied, “we feel really good about this season. We’ve fully integrated the young talent of the first years and are ready to make a championship run”. Two of those young talents, Matt and Dani, joined her at the podium. When asked about the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer Matt said, “indoor is a faster-paced game. It’s more reliant on speed and accuracy, which plays to my strengths. Look for me to have some break out games this season.” Dani had extra reason to smile after signing a contract extension that will keep her with the team at least through next season. When asked about it she said “I’m really excited about the direction the team is going in and wanted to make sure I’m a part of it.” She also informed us that she changed up her off-season routine a bit. “I put some extra effort into building more upper body strength. You wouldn’t necessarily think upper body strength for soccer, but it allows me to push people around a little more, especially when fighting for the ball”. We’ll get our first opportunity to see them in action tomorrow at 8 pm on the MAC court in the ARC.


Team Captain Chris smiled when asked about the teams potential. “I don’t like to speculate too much and get ahead of ourselves. We’re trying to take it one game at a time, get to playoffs and then see what we can do from there.” A good call for a team where the sky is the limit. A plethora of talented players will make this team fun to watch. “We’re hoping to play a fast-paced game, while subbing in and out often in order to prevent people from getting tired” explain Brian. Brian also said he hopes to be the answer to the teams point guard questions. “We have a number of people capable of playing the point, but when I’m in I’m going to look to play a point-forward position, similar to a Magic Johnson. When I’m in, its going to be show time.” We’ll get our first chance to see on Wednesday at 6 pm on court 3 at the ARC.

As always, note that I made all those quotes up and that Tarren did NOT actually change her name to Metta World Peace, although Ron Artest did.

Stay tuned for more!