Boom! GSM Co-ed Basketball

Today, we’ve got a great guest post by enthusiastic IM basketball star, Ming Ong! Read on to find out how Boom! GSM fared this quarter in basketball:

Made it into the play-offs we did!

Last Monday, the co-ed basketball team played their best game of the season to advance to the finals!

The next day (also the day of the finals), the players’ spirits were boosted by the presence of ever-enthusiastic supporters…

Boom! GSM Co-ed Basketball

Although the cheers (for BOOM! GSM) were loud and the jeers (for the other team) were louder still, BOOM! GSM was not doing a “booming” job that night. The other team was just too good! Although we all tried our best, we were ousted. But hey, it was fun! (And we’re feeling good for just making it to the championship game!)

Boom! GSM Co-ed Basketball

Next year we will win some t-shirts (the much-fought for prize for first-place) and have our team photo on that UC Davis Wall of Fame… for sure! BOOM! GSM.