Business Analytics in Gaming: Unity Technologies Hosts MSBA Student Meetup

The latest in the UC Davis BAx Meetups presented three different perspectives to data analytics as it’s used for informing business intelligence (BI) and operations.

Held at Unity Technologies on January 23, the meetup featured a lively panel discussion about the BI in gaming.

“It exposed me to the analytics around the gaming industry—in-depth and in-breadth,” said Shreya Surana 18. “The shared personal experience of the Unity team was not just interesting, but gave me a clear view of the work they do.”

Unity Technologies hosts business analytics students


The panel featured Unity analytics professionals Andrew Kasbari, who is head of BI, Nick Flores, a product manager, and Venkata Duvvuri MBA 10, a data scientist.

Valued at more than $2.6 billion, Unity Technologies is the creator of a high-performance end-to-end development platform creating rich interactive gaming experiences.

“The shared personal experience of the unity team was not just interesting but gave me a clear view of the work they do.”

“Andrew’s unconventional self-positioning as a mediator between the data engineers and the analysts showed that bridging this gap in the industry can be more fruitful than expected,” said Surana.

Kasbari came from a career in advertising and account management before making the switch to BI. His stories about learning BI and analytics on the job were inspiring for many in the audience. He considers collecting and structuring data to be the most crucial part of analytics.

Unity Technologies hosts business analytics students

Venkata Duvvuri, on the other hand, started experimenting with data after his MBA while working as an analyst at tech companies. He emphasized that, as an analyst, experimentation is the backbone of effectively deciphering complex consumer behavior. Duvvuri shared insight into how real-world experimentation and data analytics can deliver millions of dollars for a company.

Nick Flores, an experienced data-driven product manager, said data analytics is now one of the most crucial aspects of product and asset management. He gave key insights for building a successful data-focused product management career.

“As a previous mobile game marketer working in a Unity partner company, I really enjoyed this meetup,” said an attendee named Chaun, who was curious about the company’s BI and analytics work. “Personally, I like their business model, which combines engineering, a game development platform, a gaming community and monetization channels together.”

He added: “This helped me understand the business requirements in the gaming analytics and BI area.”

Unity Technologies hosts business analytics students


The BAx Meetup was the fifth student-led networking event since the UC Davis MSBA program launched in August 2017. The series goes hand-in-hand with the UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics core curriculum.

The BAx Meetup series has become a favorite for aspiring business analysts in San Francisco and we hope to keep improving the experience for our growing number of participants.

The MSBA program’s home in the heart of San Francisco is the perfect environment to foster innovation in data analytics and to explore the relationships between data and business. Centrally located in the Big Data capital of the world, the UC Davis MSBA program provides innumerable opportunities to connect with trailblazing business analytics professionals and thought leaders.

We thank the folks at Unity for hosting our event at their amazing offices and our speakers for candidly sharing their work and professional journeys in analytics.