Business School: It’s Not Just Case Studies Anymore…

Do you find yourself dreading that moment in business school when your professor hands out an infamous HBR Case? Your first taste certainly won’t be your last – business schools around the country rely on cases a major source of learning in and out of the classroom.

Business School: It's not just case studies anymoreBut studying strategy at the GSM isn’t all case studies and articles by Michael Porter; Professor Gina Dokko has managed to take strategy to the next level by adding engaging, educational activities to share the effects and realities of strategy in the real world.

Think you can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?

So did this class of GSM MBA students…until they learned Coke and Pepsi provide nearly identical products in this in class taste test!

Business School: It's not just case studies anymore Coke and Pepsi provide a classic example of two companies that didn’t inherit an industry, they created it, and executed power accordingly.

Not only do we get to guzzle down delicious and informative lessons in Professor Dokko’s class…we also learn about teamwork, resources, and capabilities while working with – you’ll never guess it… TinkerToys!

Business School: It's not just case studies anymore Professor Dokko captures everyone’s attention with her creative assignments and imparts valuable lessons we will take forth into our future careers. For example, we learned that you can’t always count on going first being the best strategy…but you can always count on learning and having a unique and exciting experience in Professor Dokko’s class!