Business Tax = Fun?

Last year, a fellow student told me Business Taxation was hands-down the best class he’d taken at the Graduate School of Management. I thought he was crazy. I knew the course was taught by a really well-liked professor, but couldn’t imagine the subject was that interesting. Business Tax sounds like a hard, dull subject and I couldn’t imagine why this student preferred this class to all of the interesting subjects taught be equally well-liked professors. Last quarter, a friend convinced me to try the course anyway (I could always drop it after the first class if I didn’t like it) and wow, am I glad she did!

Business Taxation was not at all what I expected! One of the first day of class, Professor Yetman made it very clear that this was not a course that would teach us how to design tax strategy for a corporation. This was a class to give us a high-level overview of corporate tax strategies and to open our eyes and challenge our assumptions.

There are a number of homework assignments throughout the quarter, and each one is designed to tackle a specific popular assumptions about U.S. tax law. For example, do the one percent pay their fair share in taxes? This class will help you answer that question, and more. In addition, we also learned a few strategies for our own tax planning down the road. Have you ever considered setting up a charitable foundation? You will after this class!

All in all, I’m really glad I took this class. Professor Yetman is hilarious, energetic and extremely knowledgeable, and this is really the only opportunity to take a class by him. I also learned a lot of really useful information that I’ll be able to put to practical use in the future. I now fully understand why that student last year told me this was his favorite class!