Challenge 4 Charity Weekend
UC Davis MBA—C4C Weekend

This past weekend, our students joined 1300 MBA students from eight other west coast business schools on Stanford’s campus to compete in over 28 events.

Challenge 4 Charity Weekend is the culmination of a year-long competition among the nine schools to win the coveted Golden Briefcase. Challenge 4 Charity (C4C) is a nonprofit run by MBA students, and each chapter volunteers and fund-raises for our community partners. The Golden Briefcase is awarded to the school based on their performance in volunteering, fundraising, and at C4C Weekend.

C4C Team

Maybe UC Davis didn’t win the Golden Briefcase this year, but we had so much fun at C4C Weekend! We won 2nd place in bocce ball and co-ed volleyball, and maybe this is my biased opinion, but we definitely should have won the dance competition. Our dancers got on stage without having rehearsed their dance, and still blew everyone’s minds. Other schools’ dancers came up to ours afterwards to tell them how good they are!

C4C Field

C4C Weekend features a lot of organized sports, sure, but it’s also a great way to meet MBA students from other programs. Our co-ed soccer team competed with UC Irvine’s students, we danced with students from other schools, and we had lunch with some of Cal’s students.

It is no contest. C4C Weekend is far and away the most fun you’ll have while in the MBA program.


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