Challenge for Charity Sports Weekend 2017

After a year of competing on fundraising and volunteering, our team of UC Davis visited Stanford University this month to participate in the MBA Challenge for Charity (C4C) Sports Weekend. Attending a C4C event and playing team sports with my classmates was an opportunity to get to know each other, learn dedication, and ultimately have fun for a good cause.

Most importantly, I was totally inspired and energized by the event.

When I came to GSM, I heard “C4C” many times and I had no idea what my classmates were talking about. I came to learn that C4C is a non-profit organization started by Stanford Graduate School of Business students.

the Golden Briefcase

The goal of C4C is to develop future business leaders with a lifelong commitment to community involvement and social responsibility. The 2016–17 MBA Challenge for Charity (C4C) entered its 33rd year in which nine top west coast MBA programs compete. Each chapter competes in fundraising, volunteering and athletic events every year. Based on a tally of the funds raised per student, volunteer hours per student, and attendance and Sports Weekend, a Golden Briefcase trophy is awarded to the school that achieves the highest score.

C4C Sports Weekend is a celebration of the achievements of the nine C4C chapters. MBA students from each program gather together at Stanford every April. This year, more than 20 UC Davis Full-Time MBA students competed with students from Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Irvine and the University of Washington.

The Competition

On the first day of competition we played soccer against Stanford MBA students. Our Full-Time MBA program is relatively small (about 45 students every year) compared to Stanford’s Full-Time MBA program, which has more than 700 students. Thirteen of our 20 MBA students played two games with Stanford and Washington consecutively. We felt sore the second day, but it gave us a sense of achievement and made the game an event to remember.

C4C Sports Weekend 2017C4C Sports Weekend 2017C4C Sports Weekend 2017C4C Sports Weekend 2017C4C Sports Weekend 2017UC Davis MBA DancersUC Davis MBA Dancers

I loved the dancing competition best. As the stage lamps turned on and dancers walked to the stage, the audience began to shout out their school name. I was energized by the music, dancer’s movements and audience’s enthusiasm, enjoying the atmosphere and feeling the beat. “Come on, come on, turn the radio on. It is Friday night and it won’t be long…”

This was the first year UC Davis participated the dancing competition and Terri Chen led the dancing team. Thanks to all the dancers for giving us an opportunity to shout out UCD, UCD,…


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