Elizabeth Liu

Communicating in English as a Second Language

The first challenge I faced in B-school was communication in English.

Communication is key in day-to-day business. This is a fact. This is also a challenge. As an international student who speaks English as a second language, I’m pleased with how much progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time.

While I was applying to B-school, I heard about the Articulation and Critical Thinking course that is required during the first quarter. In fact, the Graduate School of Management offers a multitude of opportunities to improve your communication skills.  These range from classes, workshops, help sessions and much more. I can give you a long list: Articulation and Critical Thinking, Business Writing, English Blast, Cover Letter Writing, Strategic Communication and so on.  Some of them are specifically designed for international students. They cover almost all of the different skills you would like to practice, from pronunciation to strategic argument building.

I have benefited from these offerings so much that my progress exceeded my expectations. Beyond the actual knowledge I’ve acquired, the learning environment the School has provided is equally impressive. You have easy access to a variety of resources. Faculty and staff are approachable. If not one-on-one, group sizes are small and manageable. You receive attention, assistance and support that are well tailored just for you.

I have to mention some names who have helped me on this journey: Elizabeth Moon, communication expert, who taught English cross-culturally for quite a few years. She is very supportive and adaptive to your needs. Daniel Kennedy, professor of Articulation and Critical Thinking. He gave each of us individual feedback and comments on our public speaking skills, as well as business writing skills. Of course, this also includes my wonderful classmates. They are nice, helpful, patient and a joy to be around. I learn from them every day. They offer their sincere help whenever I ask. I am more confident in the skills I have gained since arriving at the Graduate School of Management.  Now I have the tools to create effective and thoughtful communication.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped me along the way: my roommates, my friends, Graduate School of Management staff and faculty.