International Students at the GSM

Davis Diversity: International Students at the GSM

UC Davis is full of international faces, and students and faculty at GSM are all accommodating to diversity. This open atmosphere is why international students at GSM are very active and never hesitate to take on leadership roles.

As an example of someone who jumped at the chance to be a leader in the club community, I am proud to see how many GSM students are ready to participate and make a big difference in this respect.

Take our second-year class as example. Of the forty-seven Full-time students, seventeen were not born in the United States, and nine have taken leadership roles in all kinds of clubs and organizations. Just to name some, international students can be found active and making impressive difference in the leadership of Ambassadors, WiL Club (all board members), Big Bang Committee, C4C, Finance Club, and the International Liaison position of our student government.  All of these clubs have an amazing amount of support at events from international students as well. One common attribute of these international leaders is self-esteem, no matter where they are. We are not afraid of potential conflicts among cultures – we instead aim to learn from people’s different experiences and cultural norms, which research has found results in higher productivity in a multicultural environment. We prove this true everyday at the GSM.

I used to hear from my friends who were already in business schools that often they found themselves completing group assignments and communicating only with a small group of students from their home country. I used to hear from class visitors from other countries worries about English not being his or her native language. However, I find myself consistently inspired by the diversity and intelligence of students and faculty from all around the world. I am motivated by their new ideas and fresh innovation. I am proud of my American classmates who always encourage and welcome international student to be involved and create change in all that we do. While I realize that the biggest barrier for international students is language, emphasizing that fact and letting it hold you back is something that can be avoided if you focus on the helpful and unified community surrounding you.

Over over 2012 to 2014, Indian students organized two fun and successful Diwali Nights, and Chinese students presented the most delicious food in the world: dumplings and hot pot at the Chinese New Year BBQ last year (another one coming in February this year!). GSM is a lovely earth village accommodating all of us.

Dive into the GSM group. Feel the GSM community. Have a wonderful experience. This is who we are: the international students of the GSM.