Dream Team

Dream Team

If you ask almost an Ambassador (or any student, for that matter), you’ll probably hear something about how important teamwork is at the GSM.

If you ask almost an Ambassador (or any student, for that matter), you’ll probably hear something about how important teamwork is at the GSM. I know I’ve mentioned it to almost every prospective student over the last year. “You really learn how to work in teams.” “We sink or swim together.” Etc. etc. So when fall quarter began and all of my professors tasked us with forming ad hoc teams, I didn’t give a second thought to the process–or who I was teamed up with. I learned last year that it doesn’t really matter; everyone here has something to contribute, and more often than not the groups of which I’ve been a part have been strong and effective.

My New Product Development team just upped the ante, though. Yes, past teams were great (don’t get mad, Keith and Yuichiro–we killed it in Market Research), but I have to write a love letter to my ‘mates Tiago and Hilary because they BROUGHT it, and I got a boost when I needed it most.

Each quarter is ten weeks long, and there’s a sweet (or rotten?) spot right around week seven when I wake up at three in the morning in a cold sweat and freak out about everything that is due in a few short weeks. That happened right on schedule this quarter, and of course I had a New Product Development group meeting later that day. Tiago and Hilary both knew I was dragging, but they goaded me on and we made it through the agenda without me imploding.

A few weeks later I was mostly recovered, and my team endured two straight days of preparation for the final presentation like champions. Each of us could smell the finish line and, perhaps more importantly, we all had a strong understanding of the product we were about to pitch. We had lived it for months. We believed in the idea–and we believed in each other.

Tiago built an Excel model that makes me jealous when I look at it. This is a high compliment for an MBA student.

Hilary should write a book called Actually Getting Things Done. That’s how focused, organized, and driven she is.

Researchers could have studied our conversations and published an article about raising questions that can’t be answered but must be asked. This is the hallmark of a good product launch, in my opinion.

I could go on, but I won’t. I’ll just say that teamwork at the GSM can, and probably will, change your outlook on business and life. So much becomes possible when you can share the load with other people. Especially passionate, competent, intelligent people like Tiago and Hilary. Thanks, dream team!

For those of you considering the GSM, ask yourself: are you a good team member? Do you want to improve this part of your skill set? Do you want to build ideas with others that you could never build by yourself? If your answer is yes, come join us.