As the End of the MBA Approaches, Don’t Forget to Take Your Community with You

The end of the MBA program can be bittersweet. There are times where moments with classmates are so meaningful and fun that is it hard and sad to imagine we will all be moving on to the next chapter of our lives in a couple of short months. However, there are also moments of pride and accomplishment that are extremely happy, and today was one of those moments.

Each year, the GSM hosts a student awards ceremony for its top academic achievers and student leaders. The top 20% of students in each of the MBA programs and the Master of Professional Accountancy program get inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the worldwide honors society for business students. Additionally, there are nine student fellowships given to 11 students across all of the MBA programs, and four Alumni Association awards given across all programs.

As you know from this blog, many of us wear several hats at the GSM.  From family commitments, to school commitments, to extracurricular activities outside of school activities, life can get downright hectic.  Sometimes, simply staying on top of things is challenging, so achieving one of these awards involves sacrifice and commitment.

The GSM Community

As I was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma today, along with nine of my colleagues from the full-time program, I certainly reflected on my accomplishments, but I also reflected on the people who made them possible. I thought about all of the times family members worked around my busy schedule for dinners and visits. I thought about my husband who always became busier right along with me as finals approached, taking on more than his fair share of errands and chores so that I could finish projects, study, and squeeze in some sleep. Then I thought about my colleagues at school.  By nature, business school is a competitive environment, but I can’t think of anyone in my class who walked across that stage today who hasn’t lent a helping hand to classmates. 

I believe this collaborative and inclusive community is special and rare and something that makes the GSM stand out from any other business school program. 

Our next big celebration is graduation, and while we will undoubtedly be reflecting on our accomplishments at that milestone as well, we will again be thinking of all the people that made it all possible. After all, during the sad moments, where is it hard to imagine going our separate ways, it is not our accomplishments that are tugging on our heart strings—we get to take those with us.  What really is tugging on our heart strings is the tight knit community that made all of these accomplishments possible. So, as we all go out into the world and forge our paths, remember to take that community with you too—keep in touch, come back to alumni events, and continue to foster what makes the GSM so special.  And to all of the prospective students out there, remember to foster this community from the very beginning—two years pass by quicker than you can imagine!


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