Nishthaa BhardwajEveryday I’m Bustling

Everyday I’m Bustling
MBA student Nishthaa shares her rewarding experiences in time management

Balancing a full-time MBA workload and a part-time job can be an overwhelming proposition. The challenge only deepens when the two commitments are located 100 miles apart. For me, the above arrangement has been both rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

The challenges I face are primarily in time management (heart and mind management), dealing with clashing schedules and tormenting deadlines. However, I’d like to elaborate on the rewards rather than belabor the tough parts. Below are the three most rewarding aspects of working and being in school full-time:

Reward #1: The ability to apply school to work, and work to school

This is very simple in concept, but profound in effect. Doing both simultaneously means that a greater depth and dimension gets added to your business knowledge. Correlations transform theory into stuff that works in the real world. You use frameworks learned in school to structure problems at work, and you get to bring reality from work to add color to class discussions. You talk to professors about industry trends and they take the analysis to another level. You bring that enhanced perspective at work place and raise the groupthink. It’s an added layer to my learning that I’m grateful for.

Reward #2: Safe place to huddle and cuddle with friends (no such thing at the workplace)

Also at the workplace, especially as an intern, judgment is everywhere. You have to keep your game face on—always. It’s therapeutic to have the ability to be among friends at school and discuss work. It is also great to compare notes and learn from their experiences. My classmates keep me honest.

Reward #3: Get help charting the hitherto uncharted dark waters of Corporate Politics

I have been in really confusing situations at work. I have gone straight to our school counselor, Inger Maher, who has patiently heard me out and given me gems like “Never reply to an angry email.” This was of course after I had replied to said angry email and was dealing with the repercussions. The point is Corporate America will throw Catch 22s at you and it really helps to have trained professionals on your team. They can be the lighthouse (yes I love my ship analogy) that guides you through toughies like salary negotiations, conflicting office politics, and how and when to ask for the raise.

While it can be overwhelming, this is the path that I signed up for because it works for me. Ironically, working helps me get more out of school even though it seemingly keeps me away. I am not necessarily a proponent of this specific path, however. I support maxing out your B-School experience in the way that works for you, with involvement in clubs, case competitions, classes and socializing. I’m just an example of the fact that it’s possible to do both. In the end, it does not matter how it is done, what matters is that it is, indeed, done.