EyeCandy Inc. On Board

EyeCandy Inc. On Board

April 27th marked the end of the 50th International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC), and five solid months of hard work running EyeCandy, for first-years Saumya, David, Roman, Sasi, and me, plus one of UC Davis’s finest professors and our advisor, Hemant Bhargava. We formed our team back in December. While everyone else was skiing, we were reading the 200+ page simulation manual, and designing our product. At the end of January, the competition started.

Every quarter in the simulation, we had to make a series of decisions in response to the market, including pricing, advertising, sales force compensation, R&D, training, plant expansions, stock, CDs, corporate bonds, and stock sales. The decisions started at one a week, but accelerated to two a week the second and third year. In between years, we wrote a full-length strategic business plan and annual report.

EyeCandy Inc. On BoardEyeCandy Inc. On BoardEyeCandy Inc. On Board

Road trip! Five people, one car. After three years running EyeCandy, (3+ months of decisions and reports) we headed down to Anaheim, California for the intensive phase of the competition. After seven hours of driving, we were next to Disneyland, but we did not see much of the scenery.

We spent almost the entire competition holed up in our hotel rooms analyzing data, making decisions, preparing presentations, and writing reports. We had to submit a decision set every two hours while preparing a presentation to EyeCandy’s Board of Directors (our judges). It forced us to stop heavily relying on data, and start relying on our instincts.

On the final night of the competition, everyone sat down together for a wonderful dinner and awards ceremony.

EyeCandy Inc. On BoardWe may not have won the competition, but we were definitely the biggest winners overall because the ICBSC allowed us to apply and integrate our classroom lessons while thinking critically about multiple, on-going aspects of business over an extended length of time. We are absolutely ecstatic that we had the opportunity to represent UC Davis and the GSM at this competition, and we look forward to advising next year’s ICBSC team.


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