The First Year Experience

The First Year Experience

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.”
-Ferris Bueller, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It turns out that Ferris was pretty smart…and he was just a high school senior. As I embark on my first-year at the UC Davis GSM, I’m finding that his words have never been truer.

First Few Weeks

After a very thorough orientation, just one week of classes, and about a million emails, it’s been a bit of a struggle to remember to stop every now and then, and remember all of the other “extracurricular” activities and opportunities available to us at the GSM. But I’m trying…well, at least I’m blogging about trying…so that’s a start. Orientation was an incredible two weeks, packed with information on how to get the most of out of our two years at the GSM. The resources available to us, not to mention the fantastic staff supporting our program is truly impressive.

And did I mention our class?!

60 of the most talented, unique, and all-around fun people you will ever meet. I swear I could sit and talk to each one of them for an hour or two, just to learn how their background, experience, and aspirations are so different from those of anyone else. The close ties that we have already formed make me so glad that I chose to go to UC Davis, and enthuse me for even more “relationship building” from here.

Today, I attended my first ASM BBQ – another chance to interact with our second-year students, as we are all still getting to know one another. In many ways, I know that my classmates and I envy the comfort level that this group displays. Only one year further along, and already, they seem to be pros – so professional in their presentations, so experienced in terms of their job searches, and so precise in their future plans. It is both inspiring and at the same time daunting. Fortunately, any advice the second year sages provide is motivated by empathy and delivered with a smile and an offer for continued assistance as we embark on our first year.

Flying by

Even while overwhelmed, I am keenly aware that this 2-year experience will fly by. So, in the meantime, I am going to follow Ferris’s advice, and make sure that nothing slides by me. And, on that note, a few amusing observations regarding the GSM’s first-year rockstars thus far…

You might be a GSM first year if…

  • Your closet is divided into business casual and business professional. What else is there?
  • You don’t network…you build relationships.
  • You turned on your laptop and silenced your phone.
  • Yesterday at the UCD GSM, your CD counselor discussed your LPI, LDP and potential for employment with a CSR in SF…essentially, your life is an acronym.
  • School on Sunday? You bet!
  • Before heading upstairs, you turn left, right, and ask “Spotters ready?”
  • Your name is Kevin…or Brian…or Mike…or Dylan…or Jason…or Evan…ok, really?!
  • You walked into the kitchen at noon last Saturday and felt confused…where’s the buffet?
  • The only TV you have watched in the past 2 weeks sent you screaming from the room…it was your “Two-Minute Me.”

Well, frankly, you’re pretty darn cool!