Giving Thanks Together: ASM Thanksgiving 2013

Yesterday, Sunday, November 17, 2013, we came together as a community to celebrate Thanksgiving. This celebration is relevant this time of year – especially with business students nearing finals. 

ASM Thanksgiving 2013ASM Thanksgiving 2013ASM Thanksgiving 2013

We run around in a tizzy, often stressing ourselves into hopelessness, and perhaps some of us forget to give thanks for exactly where we are in life. To give thanks that we have been hand-selected to attend an elite business school. To give thanks that we – all coming together at different points in our lives – are lucky enough to take a break from the career treadmill and live the infamous, tiring, but all-together fabulous student lifestyle. To give thanks for the incredibly generous and supportive people who have made it possible for us to be here, our families, our friends, our significant other, and even our children. They put up with us as we stress, strain, complain, laugh, cry, stay up too late, study to hard, don’t study enough…basically they are there through it all. And we thank you.

Many wonderful student came together yesterday at 4:30pm and began to set up the feast. We held the event in the Great Hall of the Graduate School of Management – and it was beautiful! Ambassador Yoyo Wu set up beautiful flower centerpieces…

ASM Thanksgiving 2013

…and as people arrived, the food kept coming and coming. So many wonderful dishes, so many traditional foods sitting next to the most unique Thanksgiving yummies you could imagine! (My favorite was a vegan pumpkin mac-n-cheese!)

ASM Thanksgiving 2013We all sat together and just took a break and enjoyed. People brought their families, people brought friends…

ASM Thanksgiving 2013…some friends were furrier than others!

But by the end of the night, not a tummy was empty.ASM Thanksgiving 2013

(Even this plate was empty!)

Thank you for everyone who made last night’s Thanksgiving a success, and for everyone who reminded us how much we have to be thankful for.