Blog Visits Us!

Yesterday was a big day! And it all began in September! Let me explain. Keith, fellow 1st-year (not to mention famous), and I were talking when school first started, back in the yore of September 2008.

I mentioned that I was interested in, and he mentioned that his other joint program (International Agricultural Development) was expecting a visit from the program director in May. Let’s talk, I said.

(PS: For those who don’t know what is, and are also too lazy to click on the link above, it’s the philanthropic branch of Seriously, just click on the link. It’s super interesting.)

Lo and behold, Keith was able to get Frank Rijsberman, program director from, to come to our business school to present on the branch and hold a Q&A session. Check it: Visits Us! Visits Us!

The celebrity Keith, introducing Frank: Visits Us!

I desperately wanted to take pictures during the talk, but was worried that some of the information might be, you know, just for GSMers, so I didn’t. But it was a fascinating talk! does a lot of work that I never knew about.

OH, and today is someone’s birthday. A special someone. Someone who is very passionate about high fives. You know her, you love her: Christine! Happy birthday, Christine!

(I’d insert a picture of her here, but I have no other pics of her that you haven’t seen. So just imagine some great picture here.)