Great Panel Questions

Great Panel Questions

I’ve had the great pleasure of being a panel speaker at Preview Day events for prospective and incoming students. It was only two years ago I was sitting in those seats!

Now that I’m on the other side, I’m very happy to share what I know, offer advice and meet people interested in the program. Here, I’d like to share some of the (imho) best questions I’ve been asked in the hopes they’ll help others.

Q1. Has the Davis program’s size ever hindered your opportunities?
A1. Nope! The small size allows us to really get to know the administration, faculty and each other. The benefits of this are huge because the school is incredibly responsive to our needs; the faculty help their students with advice, research projects and networking; and it makes group work that much more enjoyable (b/c we actually know each other!). Also, we might be small but we’re able to take advantage of the resources of UC Davis as a whole. Additionally, I’ve personally attended many networking events and made friends in the Bay Area thanks to the Net Impact club.

Q2. Why did you pick the GSM over other programs?
A2. I knew I wanted to return to the Bay Area after graduation, and the GSM has a strong alumni network in the area. I’m also interested in an environmental/socially focused career and feel that Northern California has some of the best organizations and opportunities for me. For me, it was also important to join a small program b/c my undergrad was huge and I really wanted a personal experience (personally, I don’t consider a class size of 800 small). And finally, the City of Davis fits my lifestyle: I can bike, go to a great farmer’s market, and live in a safe community.

Q3. What is your biggest gripe about the program?
A3. Lucky for you, my biggest gripe is something you’ll never have to know! The GSM is moving into a beautiful new building next year that will be LEED certified. Our current building isn’t as awesome.

One more thing! Yes, clearly I am a fan of the program, but the best thing you (you prospective student, you) can do is visit each school you apply to and find the one that ‘fits.’ Every school says they’re the nicest and the best, and they’re all right in their own way.


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