Happy High Five Day (For Serious)

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my last post (a record 2 comments were posted — it’s a wonder how blogger can handle that demand), I’m following up with more high fiving.

Happy high five day! (For reals, this is an actual day. Possibly even a national holiday.) And this day did not go unnoticed by the high-five aficionados here at the GSM. If you walked into the main building today, this is what you saw:

Happy High Five DayWhazzat first sign on the left say?



Happy High Five DayCurious, no? You would’ve eagerly raced up the steps to read the next sign:




Happy High Five DayHoly smoke monster! At this point, your interest surely would have been piqued, and you would have been ready for whatever was coming your way.




What awaited you up the stairs was a serious case of high-fiving:

Happy High Five Day

(Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent. Or I just couldn’t get a clear shot. Either way.)




And who were the perpetrators of this? These folks:

Happy High Five Day