Riding a gondola at Oakland ZooPetting a goat at Oakland Zoo

A Hunt at Oakland Zoo Ends with Jaguars
UCD All-Stars gathers the community to help in conservation effort

“Ready…. Set…. Go!”

These were the last words I heard before my mad dash into the Oakland Zoo last Sunday. I then raced across the complex to grab a number of specific pictures for a photo scavenger hunt.

It was our third-annual UCD All-Stars, a gathering of more than 130 students, faculty, staff, alumni and their families from the Graduate School of Management community.

The focus for this year’s event was wildlife conservation and awareness. The photo scavenger hunt was the main feature. We assigned everyone into teams and told them to be the first ones back with photos of all 20 items. The prize was a donation of $3,500 in proceeds from the event to go toward one of several global conservation efforts.

Riding a gondola at Oakland ZooGiraffe: the tallest animal at the zooPetting a goat at the Oakland Zoo

Group shot of scavenger hunt teams


Armed with my iPhone and my fellow Team Popcorn hunters—Tanuj Mahmood MBA 20, Connie Xu MBA 20 and their guests—we left the Marian Zimmer Auditorium and embarked on our hunt. 

What is an ungulate? Or a raptor? Or a prey animal?

We were not experts and relied on Google a lot, which may have been why we didn’t win the scavenger hunt—that went to Team Smileys. For their donation, they selected the Kaminando Jaguar Connectivity Project, a conservation program in Latin America that focuses on research, developing alternative livelihoods for locals to encourage forest conservation and outreach about the iconic jaguar, the third largest big cat in the world.


UCD All-Stars is presented each year by the students of the Bay Area MBA program, who put in considerable time and dedication to making this possible. We also had generous sponsors in the Oakland Zoo and the Graduate School of Management.

A special thanks to everyone who supported and participated in the event and we hope to see you next year!