Imagining the School as Your Company

One of the most awesome things about UC Davis is that the school identity is literally what you make of it. 

We have roughly 50 people in each of our graduating classes, each with different goals, interests, skills and talents. In our school, we’ve been given a blank slate to play with – a sandbox where your experience is what you make of it, and you can find fit yourself into the broader picture however you like.

I encourage our new applicants to consider what kinds of things you like to do in a professional organization before you start class.  Are you outward-facing?  Do you lead teams through breadth of knowledge or do you prefer to be the resident subject-matter-expert?  What is one thing that you wish you could practice?

With these answers, seek out opportunities in school to explore your professional development. Try your hand at handling a marketing campaign. Make organizational processes more efficient. Find outside partnerships and negotiate deal terms. If you view the school as the company you work for, the effort will directly translate into real-world experience. Your internship or full-time job interview will be a snap – “practiced initiative” is music to a recruiter’s ears.

The most rewarding part about this attitude is that the work you put into the school – in addition to training you for success – leaves the organization in better shape than you found it. You’re paying your whole alumni network back by making our school even better than before.

We appreciate it, and you will too.