Internship Searching Advice

Getting an MBA is not just having a Master’s degree. The two years at B-school is meant to prepare you for the competitive job market in the summer between and after your graduation.

Here are some job search advice from a second year MBA student:

1. Have a clear goal in your mind

You have hundreds of reasons to go back to school, but I hope you don’t have that many kinds of jobs you want to do. It’s completely fine that you may change your mind after attending some info-sessions and talking to other people, but don’t get distracted from overloaded information. You need to know what you really want and focus on it. It is never too early to set up your plan for that goal and learn the knowledge required.

2. Never be “done” with your resume

I can’t remember how many times I have modified my resume since I started MBA. Your resume is never perfect until you get an offer. There are different ways to make it look better: ask people’s opinions, search resources online and look for samples. You should keep records of any activity while in school and quote actual results from your experience on the resume to convey your qualities and abilities.

3. Ask for help from career development

Career development professionals are as important as professors of any course, if not more. They have tons of information about job market and a wide network which provide you useful resources. Time-to-time communication with them to share your information is helpful when you need to set up a job search plan.

4. Attend workshops

Many people don’t miss any class, but they never go to any workshop. From my experience, those workshops are complementary to your class study. You can see yourself clearer in a self-assessment workshop, and practice your public speech skill in a communication one. Those are needed not only in the job search and interview, but through your career and life.

Be well prepared and good luck!