Introducing the New Ambassadors!

Introducing the New Ambassadors!

In October we put out a call for applications for the next generation of UC Davis Ambassadors. The class of 2011 responded en masse — we received 17 applications for six spots! All of the applicants would make amazing Ambassadors and all will make fantastic campus hosts. It was an incredibly tough selection process – thank goodness we don’t work in the admissions office – but with lots of discussion and back and forth we have our list of six ambassadors. Here’s a little background info on each of them. You’ll be hearing more from them soon.

  • Craig Ishihara went to Northwestern University for undergrad and had a career as a pastor. After business school he is interested in working with companies to make positive organizational change.
  • Emily Rancer went to Cal Poly undergrad where she was editor in chief of the newspaper. She is interested in marketing sustainable consumer goods.
  • Jimmy Shang went to UC Santa Barbara for undergrad and was a marketing and CRM manager at an East Bay company.
  • Matt Talbott received his undergrad degree at UC Davis and was a Pararescue operations expert in Afghanistan for the Air Force. He worked in business development for a firm that markets tax credits in renewable energy, historic rehabilitation and affordable housing.
  • Sarah Kleinberg went to UC San Diego for undergrad and worked at a non profit management consultant firm for organizations in San Diego. She is interested in continuing her path in the non profit field.
  • Stephanie Fiano went to the University of Connecticut and has worked in healthcare management. She is now working to enhance energy efficiency in the healthcare field.

(Jacqueline’s note: This post was written by fellow 2nd-year ambassador Elena Chavez Carey.)