New Ambassadors

Introducing the New Ambassadors

The newest UC Davis GSM Ambassadors have assumed their leadership roles and begun planning! But before we get into what they’re working on, we thought we’d share a little bit about them:

Why did you decide to attend the UC Davis Graduate School of Management?

Stephanie Fiano
I came to UC Davis because of the people. They are clearly smart, talented, motivated students and faculty. But also they were genuine and honest with the program, and Davis as a whole.

Craig Ishihara
I chose the UC Davis GSM based on its reputation in the Bay Area, its collaborative environment, and because of the quality of the students that I had the opportunity to interact with.

Jimmy Shang
I came to the GSM because it was, by far, the best program in the Bay Area for me. The intimate feel of the campus and its community of students, the caliber of its program, the genuine care and attention I got from the staff, the respectability of its reputation as a research facility all played a major role in my decision.

Matt Talbott
There were a lot of the normal factors that I think most people consider that went into my decision to come to the GSM such as cost, proximity, ranking, etc. However, the real reason I came to Davis is that it just felt right. It was a combination of meeting the students and faculty and also having them express their interest in who I was and what I wanted to do as opposed to what seems to be a standard implication by many other programs that I should feel lucky to be considered.

Sarah Kleinberg
I decided to come to the GSM because I was so impressed with the school’s culture. While visiting the campus, I met so many warm people that were enthusiastic about the culture of collaboration that I knew the GSM would be a great fit.

Emily Rancer
I remember being incredibly impressed by the caliber of the GSM students, faculty and staff when I visited during MBA Admit Day last March. I was instantly attracted to the program as well for being very well organized, clearly challenging, and intensely focused on the students.

What’s been your favorite aspect about the program so far?

My favorite part is the opportunity to take on leadership roles (whether it be through team work in classes, project work with 2nd years / professors, or clubs and events).

My favorite part of the program has been getting to know my classmates.

My favorite part of the program so far is how open the school is to allowing me to take my creativity and desire to make impactful change on campus. I am always encouraged to think outside the box and take my ideas into action.

The high standards and intellectual rigor.

Since coming to the school, I am most impressed with the diversity in backgrounds and quality of students. I have already had the opportunity to work with students who have accomplished amazing things; my peers significantly improve my experiences at the GSM.

I’ve never been surrounded by so many smart, well-rounded and wonderful people in my life. I’ve loved getting to know every single one of my classmates — everyone’s got a fantastic story of where they came from and how they got here.