Internship Hunting

It’s Intern Season!

As part of our MBA curriculum here at the GSM, it is required that each student complete an internship during the summer between their first and second year. Of course, even if it weren’t a requirement, we would all still want a summer internship.

An internship offers the opportunity to gain some real-world experience in our desired field. The internship is especially important to those of us who are career-changers. The 10-12 week full-time position is the career-changer’s chance to be certain he is happy with the new direction he has chosen.

In addition, the summer internship is a networking opportunity- and could potentially lead to a job offer upon graduation. It’s this possibility that gives the internship even more importance- it’s every MBA student’s dream to receive an employment offer upon completion of the summer internship!

The GSM Career Development team more than understands the importance of this summer position. From day 1 of orientation, they have helped each of us prepare to wow future employers. Between the interview training, resume perfecting and networking, the Career Development team has done outstanding work.

The evidence of this work and preparation? Many students have accepted intern positions well before crunch-time. The GSM has an excellent intern-placement rate. With the continued help of the Career Development team, you can bet that each student will have accepted a position before the end of the school year. I’ll keep you updated on some of the great companies employing GSM interns.