It’s on My Calendar…

I originally was going to do a day in the life blog post but decided that it wouldn’t truly capture the typical life of an MBA student here at UC Davis.

So let’s see what I have in store this week….

Monday: Head over to The ARC to get a morning workout in. I usually see my fellow UC Davis Ambassador buddy, Christine Lim, on Monday mornings. We will exchange *high fives* and continue on with our respective workouts.

I have a busy day awaiting me. It will start off with meeting my Stats group to finish our homework assignment, lunch with a classmate to share stories about the weekend, then off to Accounting. Go home, cook dinner and study for the rest of the night (with an occasional visit to espn, facebook, hulu, new york times, wall street journal and….did I just say that? I meant I’ll be studying the whole time!).

Tuesday: Stats in the morning. This is one of the most intense and demanding courses I have ever taken. However, it is also my favorite course because of Professor Tsai. He challenges and pushes each student to their own individual limits but, at the same, time gives us tools and real life examples we can apply not only in the course but in our future careers.

Class done. Review my notes. Lunch. Attend one of the many workshops offered during the year by Career Services. Today: A negotiation workshop to help us learn how to effectively…negotiate! Go home, eat and mentally prepare for the first round of our intramural basketball game. We are 3-1 and seeded #2 in our league. Check back with me in a few weeks. Hopefully I can say we won the championship!

Wednesday: I have a board meeting for Net Impact, where I am the Director of Community Outreach. This club is one of the primary reasons I came to UC Davis. I wanted to be surrounded by a group of individuals who passionately want to create a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the world. Now it’s off to a meeting with our career counselor, Ingher Maher. She is awesome. She is going to help me prepare for my internship interview this Friday. Wish me luck!

Thursday: Is the week over yet? Cool. It’s Thursday. Almost there. 8am meeting with my fellow UC Davis Student Ambassadors to plot strategy and make sure we are out there meeting prospective students and answering your questions. 9am meeting with the Associated Students of Management, which is the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s student government. I sit on the board, where I am the Director of Finance. We will be discussing the layout of the student lounge (trust me — it is important) at our new building next year: Gallagher Hall. I can’t wait to move in there!

Now it’s off to Marketing. 1:30pm: Time to catch the bus to attend the 6th Annual Peer-to-Pier event at The Waterfront Restaurant in San Francisco. This year’s theme is Intrapreneurship – fostering entrepreneurism within established organizations. This will be a great networking opportunity to meet alumni, recruiters, local community leaders as well as prospective students like you. I hope to see and meet everyone there.

Friday: We don’t have classes on Friday but that doesn’t mean it is a “free day.” I have my interview today for an internship for a Fortune 500 company in their Corporate Finance division. Fingers crossed. I hope it goes well! After that, I am taking three prospective students out for lunch. Finally…a chance to relax.