Joint Degrees: A Great Way to Explore Davis’ Cornucopia of Research

UC Davis’s huge diversity of research is a great benefit for its MBA students. With 94 graduate programs currently in operation on campus, there are plenty of options for those interested in learning from and partnering with other disciplines. From this, it is unsurprising that the Class of 2014 has five JD/MBA students.

Joint DegreesThe administration gives a great amount of flexibility for joint degree students to choose a personally tailored curriculum. At the same time, as Michael Van Derwood, JD/MBA Class of 2015, pointed out, “The onus is on the individual student.” It is at times quite challenging to navigate the various graduate programs which are separate from each other, often on different academic calendars, and with different requirements.

From my personal experience, within graduation requirements, both the law and business schools have given me free reign to pursue my goals. In addition to business and law, I am learning Chinese and taking courses geared towards business and law in the environment of the Pacific Rim. Logistics have been quite challenging, but I have been extremely pleased with what I’ve been able to get out of the program.

Joint DegreesAs Ryan Lore, a Class of 2014 JD/MBA candidate remarked, “By pursuing a JD/MBA, I am prepared to pursue a career that focuses on the intersection of business and law.” This is the true benefit of Davis’s educational diversity. A great amount the MBA education is refining your ability to work seamlessly with people from varied and differing backgrounds. Working in teams with such a diverse array of perspectives has been my favorite aspect of the Davis MBA.