Key Advice on the GMAT: Opening the Door To B-School

For B-school applications, taking GMAT is most people’s first step. Most applicants and admissions committees regard the score of this computer-based standardized test as one of the most important parts of a strong application.

Today, I want to share some tips for preparing for the test.

GMAT1. Set up a study plan before you get started

You always need to be clear who your opponent is before you are on the battle field. If there is already a dream school in your mind, go to that school’s website and find out what’s the average GMAT score for the current class. That’s the goal you need to meet. It also tells you how much time you need to spend in the preparation. You should know what your strengths and weaknesses are and allocate time smartly on studying for each section. After working on some sample questions, you can better know yourself in the exam. Set the daily, weekly and monthly plan with a clear goal, like how many tests you should finish and what is accuracy rate of your answer.

2. Read the official guide to understand the test well

There are tons of resources available for you. There’s no way to get all of them (and that’s not necessary). So you need to decide which ones are the most valuable to you. Whatever book you buy, never miss the GMAT’s own official guide, the only book on the market written by the creators of the GMAT exam. You can find past exam questions with detailed explanation.  Even if you get the right answer, it is still good for you to read the explanation to understand the thoughts of test creators.

GMAT3. Know how to manage your time

Most MBA applicants are working professionals, meaning studying all week long might not be possible. Spending right amount of time is the key and devoting more time doesn’t prove that you can get higher score. After I beginning my MBA in Davis, I have found my studying mode is similar as when I prepared for my GMAT. Working with different groups for different courses, searching for an internship, working as an Ambassador-the MBA life is about multitasking all the time. You need to keep on focused when handling each task, and move to the next after one gets done. Same rule applies to the GMAT preparation. It is tough, but it gets you ready for the more tough MBA life.

4. Practice, practice and practice

Practice cannot be emphasized enough. No advanced skill is needed in the test but practice smartly. Both quantity and quality are important. Time yourself when answering each question because spending too much time to get a right answer is no different from getting it wrong. Only solving the problem right and quick can give you a decent score.

Hope these tips are helpful. Good luck!