Kick It Off, Second Year!

When I finally landed in my new room of an amazing house after twelve hours overnight flight, the summer vacation is officially over and here comes the second year, which embodies four classes, one IMPACT project, a TA position and a part time job. Yes, it’s not easy to believe that as an international rookie, I dare to take all things above, as well as it’s hard to believe I have gotten all the amazing chances.

Summer Fun

I did a lot of fun things in the summer, worked out an international wealth management project for a top five Chinese bank’s American headquarter; explored the awesome New York summer; and traveled around and visited friends and family in China. But I did miss school a lot, missing the feeling of being surrounded by love and support.

The first week went through really well; we don’t have any core classes, which means it’s harder for the whole class to get together, but it’s good to see people trying harder to participate in connections, events and other activities to talk to each other.

Hard to Say Goodbye

It’s sad to say goodbye to class of 2014, but we have gotten the awesome class of 2016 and happy to embrace the new 50 more alumnus. The greatest thing about a relatively smaller program is, we do connect closer. This summer I got connected to a few New Yorker alumnus, who were really warmhearted and happy to embrace me to their connections; some classmate introduced me to their former colleague, some wrote recommendations for me without requests; and I happily helped out some MBA recruiting fair in New York.

People talked about their summer experiences and career goal in the career development workshop, it’s good to see the beautiful data of the internship of our class; it’s better to hear people’s fun stories and how much they enjoyed the summer; but the best part is when people talked about their future goals, the rest of us were actively reacting by digging out connections to offer some help.

We still get ten months to fight together for our future, and the life time to support each other; it’s too early to have the emotional feeling about graduation and being separated, but that’s how much I love my program and fellows, and I am not going to hide it.

Go GSMer! Go Aggies!


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