Ladies’ Night 2012!

Ladies’ Night 2012!

Ladies Night 2012 was a whopping success- at least from a lady’s perspective. The GSM gentlemen spoiled us for an evening with good food, chauffeur service- and even entertainment. (What ladies’ night would be complete without juggling?)

The evening began when the tuxedo-clad GSM boys escorted the fancied-up GSM girls to the home of one of our administrators, who graciously offered to host. It was pouring rain, but our boys were awaiting us with umbrellas.

Ladies’ Night 2012!Once inside, we were served wine and delicious tray-passed h’orderves. Dinner was a multi-course, delicious, meal. A strawberry salad, excellent chicken, veggies and rice, and of course, it was all topped off with dessert. My favorite part of dinner? I did no preparing, serving or cleaning!

The evening was far from over after dinner. We played some fun games and gave some lovely toasts! Ladies’ Night was such a treat. We all had a blast and owe the guys a big thank you!

I’m sure the men are anxiously awaiting Men’s Night… I wonder what the ladies will put together?