Live, from Omaha!

Live from Farrell’s Sports bar in Omaha on a cold, but not-super-cold night.

(Jacqueline’s note: This is a posting from Srinivas Muppidi, a fellow 2nd-year ambassador.)

Oh wait! The UC Davis Graduate School of Management is in Davis, CA.  What am I doing in Omaha with friends from the program?

I forgot to mention that Mr. Warren Buffet (aka ‘The Oracle of Omaha’) has invited UC Davis GSM student to visit Berkshire Hathaway or the 4th straight year. A group of 25 students, along with GSM Dean Currall and Prof. Castanias, will participate in a Q&A with Mr. Buffet, followed by lunch and a photo shoot session.

Everything sounds great. But it still doesn’t explain what we are doing in Omaha on a Wednesday night, given the fact that we have a free day on Thursday before attending the Q&A with Mr. Buffet on Friday! Well, the reason behind this extra day has to do with our culture, unique to the UC Davis GSM. How can we students thank Mr. Has-Everything-He-Wants-On-Earth person for his generous invitation?  We can’t give him just any gift.  So, we, the students of GSM, volunteer and contribute to the society.  This year, we are volunteering at Children’s Museum of Omaha.  We are proud to carry on the tradition of volunteering and contributing to the society, which started 4 years ago in Omaha.  Our volunteerism is an integral part of GSM culture (for instance, we have close ties with the Challenge for Charity (C4C) organization).

Now for the fun stuff so far on this trip!  I had a great flight experience from Sacramento to Omaha with a layover.  The flight segment from Sacramento to Denver is by far the most memorable flight to date.  I was the in the 1st Officer’s seat for 5 seconds.  Yep.  The picture says it all.

Live, from Omaha!

The whole evening, we explored the downtown, especially the Old Market area of Omaha.  It is interesting to the note the marketing campaign of Omaha at every major intersection.

Live, from Omaha!

I have decided to add a personalized touch to it.

Live, from Omaha!

Looking forward to a once-in-a-life-time opportunity of not just meeting Mr. Buffet, but listening to his words of wisdom for the future leaders in making (that’s you and me!).