Admit Day

MBAdmit Day!

MBAdmit Day is coming soon! It’s a great opportunity to learn about Davis, the GSM, and meet current students. Unlike Preview Days, there is only one MBAdmit Day and it is meant for people who have already been admitted to the program. Even if you’ve come to a Preview Day, I hope you can make it out to MBAdmit Day because:

  • The night before, join us for the Pizza Bailout…Recovery Plan to meet current students in a relaxed environment (and come afterwards to the G Street Pub celebrate March birthdays and early graduates!).
  • You will meet members of your class! I met many of my peers during this event, months before school even began. (And this was the day I experienced my favorite Kristen memory).
  • There will be specific details on tuition, what to expect through a case example (this year with Prof. Yetman, who is hands down the funniest tax professor in the world), and a tour to your beautiful new building (still technically under construction, but the awesomeness is there).
  • Learn about clubs and activities during the student club fair.
  • Meet faculty at the wine reception at the end of the day. Experience the first of many amazing wine events – Davis knows its wine.

Can I say more? Yes, but I’ll save it for MBAdmit Day.