Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Internship-Hunting Season Is in Full Swing

The halls of the the Graduate School of Management are filled with a nervous excitement as the internship-hunting season is in full swing. With some classmates getting positions early at Intel, Wells Fargo and other great companies, the bulk of internship interviews and hiring are happening as I write this. So, the question that is on the forefront of the mind of every future intern is, How do I get the right internship for me?

How do I get the right internship?

Excellent question, young padawan. First and foremost, figure out what sector you are looking to get experience and what role in that sector fits your skills, likes, desires, etc. Not every internship is right for everyone, and the worst thing you can do is to accept an internship that is totally outside what you know you want to do (example: don’t go into investment banking if you want to be in tech marketing). Next, leverage your networks, from everyone to prior co-workers and family friends to Graduate School of Management alumni and the School’s career development team.

Getting and Crushing the Interview

There are two keys to getting an internship that makes you excited: getting the interview and crushing the interview. Your resumes, connections, that alignment of the stars, all work to get you in the door.

Crushing that interview is on you. Be the best, most polished, likeable and intelligent version of yourself you can be. Dress for success. Basically, do what the career development team tells you to do at an interview. (The Graduate School of Management has great training and prep opportunities for students.)

Subtle keys to success

Trust yourself

Know that you belong with the top-level companies in the best positions. Don’t let others talking about their success intimidate or stress you. As the saying goes around here: everyone who wants an internship gets one. All good things in their own time.

Internships are like playing house

They are for trying out a role that you think you will like, mostly to give you some perspective for that looming career decision after graduation.

Happy hunting, future interns. You are going to crush it!