Exchange Experience at UC Davis

My Exchange Experiences in UC Davis
Ilari Lyytikäinen is a foreign exchange student from Finland who studied at the Graduate School of Management in Fall 2014

Now back in Finland, he is focusing on finance and business analytics as a second year graduate student at LUT. In his spare time he enjoys reading, running, traveling and meeting new people.

Here goes his story in Davis:

I am a 25-year-old Finnish student doing an exchange quarter at the Graduate School of Management in Davis, California. I am writing this blog post to tell about my experiences in Davis so far, and how I have found the exchange in general.

This quarter in Davis has been amazing so far.

I am definitely happy that I decided to go on exchange. I have experienced many great American things such as Halloween, Wal-mart as well as things that are typical for the California area only: In-n-Out, Lake Tahoe.

What were the main reasons I decided to go on exchange?

Foreign exchange gives one a great chance to get to know a new country and make lifelong lasting connections. I think it is also interesting that you tend to look at things differently after returning to your home country because of your experiences in a foreign country. I have definitely got to explore more than I would have if I had just gone on a holiday in the US.

Davis is a good example of a college town.

It fits the stereotype that I had in my mind of a traditional smaller college town: high ratio of students out of the whole population, lots of small bars and restaurants, and a relatively large campus.

I am happy that I have been able to explore California.

Renting a car in the US is so easy and practical. Davis is also a great location in terms of traveling. It’s so easy to get to different places from there. I was quite surprised by how quickly the landscape changes around Davis.

The next big thing that I am looking forward to is Thanksgiving.

I’ve heard that Thanksgiving is even more popular in the US than Christmas. It sounds a bit strange to me, since we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe as we do Christmas. Anyway, I am sure my understanding of Thanksgiving will change after next Thursday. Looking forward to the turkey!