My Experience at Brocade

My Experience at Brocade

Early this year, the GSM organized a series of MBA Treks to some companies, including Brocade, NetApp, Lam Research, Disney (by the way, hint: take full advantage of these Treks for networking opportunities).

I wrote an article about my tour at Brocade for the Ambassador blog. Half a month later, during my phone interview with a future manager, I mentioned this blog post. She was very interested in it and asked for the link, sending it on to senior management. I was then invited to an on-site interview and accepted offer soon after.

That was the beginning of my story with Brocade, a special chemistry that started then has been going ever since.

My summer internship began as soon as I finished final exams in mid-June. As a corporate compliance intern, I was involved in six projects, including SOX compliance and internal auditing. Thanks to my super helpful managers (my team members are all managers, except for me), not only mentoring me with clear guidance, but also showed a lot of confidence in me, giving me freedom to try things in my own way. I am feeling truly grateful for that. So, in return, I self-initiated several small projects to improve efficiency and make something new to share in the company. One unexpected project was a special case in China. Usually the team would hire external experts, which is time consuming and expensive, also with risk of exposure. Since I joined, this process can confidentiality be kept inside the company and money is saved. I never thought I could leverage my language skills for such a great return in an American company.  Just get well prepared, always be ready to go.

Brocade is well-known as one of the healthiest companies in Bay Area. That is so true! Work out is a constant topic of conversation, and Brocadians believe healthy life can bring in healthy work. I shall bring this mindset back to my future life; no more excuses not to exercise.

Brocade has a magic power to build up my feel of belonging. A warm invitation to enjoy concert at Mountain Winery, chilling out in Brocade’s suite; a nice cafeteria, having lunch talk with different people every day; a bunch of luncheons, networking with IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) professionals; hundreds of interesting elevator talks with people, even CEO, CFO and CTO… Yes, I think people are truly magical. Now with only two weeks left on the job, I start to wrap up my work and miss my team already.

My summer internship at Brocade was a wonderful journey that I have completely engaged in, learnt from, contributed, to, and – more than anything – had fun!

Yoyo Wu


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