My Journey from Silicon Valley to UC Davis’ MSBA Program

My Journey from Silicon Valley to UC Davis’ MSBA Program

I could probably attribute my thirst for data to many aspects of my life and personality. It could be a result of growing up in Cupertino, Apple’s headquarters, during the tech boom, my background in economics, or just my daily, healthy doses of curiosity and skepticism. Likely, it’s a combination of many things. Now, I’m excited to take my penchant for data analytics and my career to the next level through UC Davis’ MSBA program.

At Occidental College, where I studied economics, I became very interested in data, marketing and computing. After graduating from Occidental, I joined a digital ad tech company in San Francisco, which helped me narrow my focus on programming, data visualization, business decision-making and effective management skills. After an incredible experience working at this company for two years, I’ve realized that I need to improve these skills to advance my professional goals. The UC Davis MSBA program fit the bill.   

My Journey from Silicon Valley to UC Davis’ MSBA ProgramI came across the UC Davis program while looking at data science degrees, and I immediately realized that this program provided a perfect blend of the qualities that I was looking to develop despite being outside the scope of my initial search. Importantly, the program’s practicum and focus on real-world experiences assured me that it would not be academically siloed as many similar degrees appear to be.

The practicum was a major influence on my decision to enroll since hands-on experience is a major draw for people looking to enter the data science field. This 10-month practicum is unlike any other offered because it immerses teams in a company to provide solutions for a data-driven business problem from start to finish. I am looking forward to working with my classmates on this long-term, applied project—and making key connections at these companies.

My Journey from Silicon Valley to UC Davis’ MSBA ProgramI am joining the MSBA program with an open mind about my future career path. While I aim to be in a data-driven role, I hope to explore different possibilities during my year at UC Davis. I’m also enthusiastic about the networking opportunities that will open to me as part of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management community. Part of the benefit of a business analytics degree located in the heart of the world’s innovation hub is that I have opportunity to interact with and investigate many unique industries that are keen to use data in new and meaningful ways.

I look forward to being a part of the UC Davis MSBA charter class as I blaze my trail among the first to experience what I expect will be a truly unique program.


Go Scott!

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Go Scott!


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