Lake Tahoe Retreat Lake Tahoe Retreat

Net Impact Hosts Annual Lake Tahoe Retreat

Last weekend, Net Impact hosted their annual Tahoe Retreat. I went both this year and last year, and have always had a blast. It’s a great way to relax a bit before classes get in full swing, and students get to know each other in a much more relaxed setting. Plus, it’s the first real opportunity for first and second years to meet!

Lake Tahoe Retreat Lake Tahoe Retreat Lake Tahoe Retreat

This year, our wonderful Net Impact board even set up a number of activities for us. There were a couple hiking groups, a kayaking tour of the lake, and a tour of UC Davis’ Tahoe Environmental Research Center. I chose the kayaking trip, and what a trip it was! The 15 or so of us in kayaks were guided around Lake Tahoe by a Chris Farley-look-a-like. We learned lots of fun “facts” such as Lake Tahoe is home to the largest population of fresh water sharks (not true) and that the lake was formed by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs (also not true).

The rest of the weekend was filled with good food, great conversations, and fun games.  You make friends during this retreat that you might not otherwise get to know. This retreat is an excellent way to bond with your classmates, and should not be missed. I only wish I could go again next year!