New Perspectives: Interview with a First Year Ambassador | by Jason

New Perspectives: Interview with a First Year Ambassador

Jason: It has been months since you joined GSM. How do you like the school so far?

Sasikanth: The last two months have been very captivating and challenging. When we joined GSM a couple of months ago, everybody kept saying time will fly. And sure it did. A couple of months ago I was part of international student orientation trying to discover things about GSM and now I am in an Ambassador team helping out people with answers!! It’s insane!!!

Jason: Is everything within your expectations? If not, what did you not expect?

Sasikanth: My biggest expectation from an International MBA was to get the maximum benefit from the graduating class and I feel everything here exceeds my expectation. Be it the level of relevance the curriculum has to the real world business problems or the quality of the study group, or be it the faculty it’s all super exciting.

The unexpected thing for me here is how everybody in the GSM is so aligned to their respective career goals. It does not feel like what they do in the class is not different from what they are looking for in their careers.

Another surprising thing is the amount of effort that the career development team puts across. It’s Unbelievable!!

Jason: How do you feel about the class? Is it what you imagine before coming here?

Sasikanth: Although I did not expect that the curriculum to be entirely didactic, I never thought that there would be this much relevance to real world requirements of a business education. The class simulates a real world environment where people from diverse fields analyze and solve business cases. All the various perspectives put forth by these people make you feel that you are in a place where there is more to learn from every one of them.

Another amazing fact about the class is that you will not find anyone who is similar to you as far as education and industry experience is concerned. There is only one form of competition in the class: “Who will learn more from others”

Jason: What’s your favorite part of the school?

Sasikanth: My favorite part of the school is definitely GSM Connections. All first-year and second-year students meet every Monday to discuss something or the other. Be it about what courses one liked or not, be it some career advice or even some tips about the most happening places in Davis!!! . This practice is very meaningful. And the food is always an added attraction!!!

Jason: I know this is first time you have lived in the US. Anything  interesting?

Sasikanth: This is my first time in U.S., but being in a place like California, (mainly Davis) which is a meeting point of so many cultures and traditions, it feels like home. The climate is amazing and the people are warm. I think I am in the right place at the right time!!

Jason: You are now an MBA ambassador.  What role do you take on the team? Why that role?

Sasikanth: I chose the role of International Student Leader and will be part of a team that will be the first point of contact for all prospective International students. We work closely and try to answer all their queries and getting them to know the tradition and other important aspect of GSM. We also interface with the SISS (Services for International students and scholars) and try to get them to answer some important questions related to settling down in the US and GSM in particular.

Jason: Anything you want to share with other prospective students?

Sasikanth: I know the process of selecting an MBA school is daunting for many of us, but if we have specific priorities and expectations then it becomes a lot easier. The best form for prospective student to get information will be through direct contact with the school. Talking to alumni or current students will give them a real insight into what the school expects from them. This is very important before choosing a B-School.

Once you are in the B-school, it helps a lot if we have a clear picture of what we do. We have so many resources and options here, that if you do not know your priorities we will easily digress. We need to identify at least one area that we are interested in and one area that will be meaningful given our previous work experience. This will allow us to strike a right balance our own expectations and the prospective employer’s expectation.


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